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OpenSplitTime is a free resource built by endurance athletes for the ultra community. OpenSplitTime makes it easy to collect, store, and play with endurance event data.

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The Peak 2024 Pacific Crest Trail 50 -2024 (PCT 50) Wawayanda Trail Fest 2024 Oriflamme 50k - 2024
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Plan Your Efforts

Runners, pacers, families, and crews can use OpenSplitTime to plan for ultras. Just estimate your finish time and OpenSplitTime will suggest where you need to be and when.
Hours of research converted to a few seconds? Yes please.

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Browse and play with endurance event data like you've never done before. Analyze your efforts, discover your best segments, and find your peers. Much more is yet to come as the community gathers its data here.
You can find every Hardrock effort ever run.

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Open to Race Directors

We love to compete, but many of us don't love to organize. And the tools for tracking and organizing endurance events have been sorely lacking.
All that has now changed.

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Unprecedented Live Tracking Tools

OST Live Entry tools are revolutionary. OST learns from your time data. It gives you race progress for each aid station. It tells you instantly where your runners last reported, where and when they are due next, and who is past due and possibly lost.

OST Remote is our free iOS app for recording entrant times at aid stations. It syncs with OpenSplitTime and simplifies the task of gathering time data over many aid stations and long periods of time.

Omniscience is pretty cool.

Endurance events change people.

They create hard challenges in a soft world. They bring us together when our natural inclination might be to wander alone. They help us feel the simple joys of food, warmth, and rest by exposing us to cold, hunger and discomfort. They help us realize how much more is buried within when we seem empty and dry.

Go git 'er done.

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