Getting Started

Creating or importing your first event

If you are starting from scratch, you've come to the right page. If you are working with an Organization that has existing Events, it is probably easier to duplicate an event group or create it from within the Organization

1. Sign up.

2. Create a new Organization.

3. Create a new Event Group.

4. Follow the instructions to add one or more Events and Courses. You can manually enter information or import a splits CSV file.

5. Continue to add your entrants' personal information (names, ages, contact info) manually or import a CSV file. To avoid duplication, you will need to reconcile Entrants with our participant database. You can always add or change entrant information at any time, including after the event is finished.

6.a. If this is an upcoming event, use the Live features and OST Remote to track your entrants on the course. Your time data will be available to the public instantly as it is submitted to the database.


6.b. If this is an event that happened in the past and you have the data somewhere in gmail, or sharing a thumb drive in a drawer with the Sword of Many Truths, or scribbled in a notebook in your basement, dust it off and enter it using our handy tools.