Getting Started

Organizations, Courses, and Events

Organization: This is the basic administrative unit in OpenSplitTime, like Hardrock 100. Each Event Group, Event Series, and Course belongs to an Organization. This is the way you (as the Organization creator) can create and modify your own Events and invite trusted Stewards to help.

Course: The physical course on which your event is run, ridden, swum (swam?), flown, or climbed, like Hardrock Clockwise.

Split: A point on a course at which times are recorded, like Kroger Aid Station. A Split may include optional elevation, latitude, and longitude data.

Event Group: A group of events happening on or about the same time, like 2019 RUFA. Some Event Groups will have just one Event, like a 100 miler that has no shorter course alternative. Others will have multiple Events, like a 30K, 50K, and 100K that are run on the same day.

Event: A single running of a race, ride, stage, or know, event. An example would be the 2019 RUFA (24 hours)

Person: A person who has competed in at least one Event, like Kilian Jornet.

Entrant: A Person in a single Event, like Kilian at Hardrock 2016.