Getting Started

Duplicating an existing Event Group

If you want to create a new Event Group based on an Event Group that already exists in OpenSplitTime (for example, from a prior year), you can easily duplicate an Event Group.

  1. Make sure you are logged in and have owner privileges for your Organization.
  2. Go to My Stuff > My Organizations, then click on your Organization and click on the Event Group.
  3. Click on Admin > Construction > Group Actions > Duplicate group.
  4. Enter the name and date for the new Event Group and click "Duplicate Event Group".
  5. OpenSplitTime will duplicate the Event Group and all Events within the original Event Group, but will not add any Entrants.
  6. Make any changes as necessary. For example, if the start time for your 100K was 6:00 last year but you've moved it to 5:30 this year, you can click Admin > Construction, and then click the pencil to edit your event.
  7. Now import your Entrants and you are ready to go.