Getting Started

Two Types of Time Records

Raw Time: A single time at which a bib number is recorded live at a given Split while an Event is ongoing. Raw Times are viewable by Organization personnel and stewards, but not by the general public. Any number of Raw Times may exist for an entrant at a particular point on the Course. This allows multiple devices or methods to be used to input Raw Times.

Split Time: A publicly viewable time at which an Entrant is deemed to have been recorded at a given Split. When Raw Time records are available, Split Times will ideally represent the best possible interpretation of the complete Raw Time record. Only one Split Time may exist for an entrant at a particular point on the Course.

Creating Raw Times

Raw Times are created using the Live Entry screen in, or via OST Remote, the easy-to-use iOS client app for live time recording, or by posting time data to the OpenSplitTime API.

Creating Split Times

Split Times will normally be created automatically from Raw Times that OpenSplitTime has analyzed and categorized as either "good" or "questionable." Raw Times that are categorized as "bad" do not result in automatic Split Time creation.

If a Split Time already exists for a given Entrant at a particular point on the Course, any Raw Times for that Entrant at that point on the Course will be captured as Raw Time records but will not automatically change the existing Split Time.

Split Times may also be created using the Effort > Audit view or the Effort > Actions > Edit Times views.