Getting Started

Formatting your Split data for import

OpenSplitTime makes it easy (or at least reasonably doable for mere mortals) to import your data into the system. To start, you'll need to get your data into comma-separated-value (.csv) format. Data is imported in two steps: Split import and Entrant import.

Split Import Template

First, download a template. After you create your Course and Event, go to Admin > Construction, click the blue pencil icon to edit the Course, and then click Import > Download CSV Template. A blank splits template will be downloaded by your browser. Use this template to add split names, distances, latitude, longitude, and elevation. The "Sub split kinds" column should be either "in" (if you are recording only one time, as runners enter the aid station) or "in out" (if you are recording times both in and out of the aid station). When the spreadsheet is complete, save it back out (remember to save it in CSV format) and then return to Admin > Construction > [Setup Course Button] > Import > Import splits.