Getting Started

Formatting your Entrant data for import

Once your Splits are in place, it's time to get the Entrant data in.

Again, the first step is to download a template, which you can do from Admin > Construction > Entrants > Import > Event Group Entrants > Download CSV Template. Required fields are First Name, Last Name, and Gender. But please add as much information as you have about your entrants, as this will help OpenSplitTime match up your entrants with existing entrants in the database. In particular, birthdate (or age) and city/state are helpful.

In addition, if your event group has multiple events, you will need to include an Event Name field. Data in this field must exactly match the "Short Name" of each event in the group.

Entrant import

If you are importing Entrant data without times (for example, if this is a new event that has not yet started), simply complete the template, save it as a CSV file, and import it using Admin > Construction > Entrants > Import.

One optional import field is "Comments." If you want to include comments about an entrant, import them in this field. Your comments will be not be visible to the public. These comments appear, for example, in the Finish Line view, and you can use them as announcer's notes when an entrant finishes the event.

Another optional import field is "Beacon URL." This allows you to link to an external GPS tracking service, like MAProgress, SPOT, or TrackLeaders. If you use this field, you should include the entire URL for your entrants, such as "".