Blue Sky Marathon 2020 (Blue Sky)

Saturday, October 17, 2020 7:00AM (MDT) on Blue Sky Trail Marathon


BLUE SKY - CANCELLED Due to increased activity in the southeast portion of the Cameron Peak Fire, trails comprising our course in Horsetooth Mountain Park and Devil's Backbone Open Space closed the morning of Wednesday, October 14. After a full day's firefighting and the updates the morning of Thursday, October 15 from the Incident Command Team, all information is pointing toward the closures and evacuations affecting our course remaining in place through the weekend. Even if we could get permission to hold the race, we know it would be irresponsible to put any extra burden on first responders and public lands officials, and we are officially CANCELLING the Blue Sky Trail Marathon for this Saturday. We know our runners and volunteers have questions regarding postponement and more. So do we. That conversation starts with our permitting land agencies, and they definitely have many higher priorities at this time. We will update you once it's possible. Thank you for your understanding, and we appreciate your support.
Bib Name Category From Status Start
(Mile 0.0)
Blue Sky Aid
(Mile 9.2)
Indian Summer North 1
(Mile 13.2)
Indian Summer South 1
(Mile 15.6)
Hunter Turn Around
(Mile 17.9)
Indian Summer South 2
(Mile 20.3)
Indian Summer North 2
(Mile 22.7)
(Mile 26.7)